Keyboard Shortcuts

Overview of keyboard shortcuts available in Mp3tag.


Ctrl+A Select all
Ctrl+Shift+A Invert selection
Ctrl+B Restore all input fields
Ctrl+C Copy tag or selected text
Ctrl+Shift+C Copy file
Ctrl+D Change directory
Ctrl+Shift+D Upper directory
Del Remove file (without deleting it)
Ctrl+Del Delete file (to Windows Recycle Bin if activated in Windows and available on that drive)
Ctrl+Shift+Del Delete file (WARNING: the file will be removed from your harddrive!)
Ctrl+E Export
Ctrl+Shift+E Export (with an export file for each different directory)
Ctrl+F Favorite directory
Ctrl+H Add directory
Ctrl+K Auto-numbering wizard
Ctrl+Shift+K Auto-numbering wizard (with counter reset for each subfolder)
Ctrl+L freedb (local) …
Ctrl+N Select next file
Ctrl+O Options …
Ctrl+P Playlist (all files)
Ctrl+Shift+P Playlist (all files) with one playlist for each subfolder
Ctrl+Q Show/hide Tag Panel
Ctrl+R Remove tag
Ctrl+S Save tag
Ctrl+T Read tag
Ctrl+Shift+T Play
Ctrl+U Unselect all
Ctrl+V Paste tag or text
Ctrl+Shift+V Move file
Ctrl+X Cut tag or selected text
Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+1, 2, ..., 0 User-defined Tool 1 to 10.
Del Remove
F2 Renames first selected file or triggers edit mode for the first editable column, if there is no default file name column.
F3 Filter
F4 Play selected file(s)
F5 Refresh
Alt+Right arrow Forward in directory history
Alt+Left arrow Backward in directory history
Alt+Enter File properties
Alt+T Extended tags dialog
Alt+Drag’n’Drop Change order of files in list of files.
Alt+Arrow down Change order of files in list of files.
Alt+Arrow up Change order of files in list of files.
Alt+Page down Move selected files to end in list of files.
Alt+Page up Move selected files to beginning in list of files.


Alt+1 Tag - Filename
Alt+2 Filename - Tag
Alt+3 Filename - Filename
Alt+4 Text file - Tag
Alt+5 Tag - Tag
Alt+Shift+1 Tag - Filename (Preview)
Alt+Shift+2 Filename - Tag (Preview)
Alt+Shift+3 Filename - Filename (Preview)


Alt+6 Actions
Alt+Shift+6 Quick action
F2 Rename action group
F4 Edit action (group)
Insert New action (group)
Delete Delete action (group)
Space Enable action group
Ctrl+A Select all actions or action groups
Ctrl+Shift+A Invert selection of actions or action groups
Ctrl+E Enable all action groups
Ctrl+D Disable all action groups
Ctrl+S Save current order and enabled state of action groups
Alt+Up Move action or action group up
Alt+Down Move action or action group down
Alt+Page Up Move action or action group to beginning of list
Alt+Page Down Move action or action group to end of list

Tag Sources

Ctrl+I Last used Tag Source
Ctrl+Shift+I Last used Tag Source (Quick)
F2 Edit value of selected field
Space Enable selected field
Ctrl+A Select all fields
Ctrl+Shift+A Invert selection of fields
Ctrl+E Enable all fields
Ctrl+D Disable all fields
Alt+Up Move file up
Alt+Down Move file down
Alt+Page Up Move file to beginning of list
Alt+Page Down Move file to end of list

Useful helpers

Ctrl+Space Displays format string helper menu (e.g., at converters or actions)
Ctrl+Tab Quick forward navigation between sub-windows (Tag Panel, Filter, File View)
Ctrl+Shift+Tab Quick backward navigation between sub-windows (Tag Panel, Filter, File View)
Ctrl+Num++ Automatically size the File List columns to match the content
Shift+Del Remove format strings which are not longer needed from drop-down lists.
Shift+Enter Add the contents of the current Tag Panel field to the list of custom list values for that field.