Write extended info

If enabled, Mp3tag writes extended information to the playlist file according to the format string.

The audio player doesn’t have to read the information from the tag of the audio file and displays the extended information from the playlist.

Entries relative to working directory

If enabled, Mp3tag doesn’t write absolute paths if possible.

Create Playlist automatically

This option enables automatic creation of playlists when saving tags to files or renaming files in Mp3tag.

Filename of playlist

Here you can specify the file name or a format string describing the file name of the playlist.

To use the file name of the loaded playlist, use the playlist-specific placeholders for the configuration of the playlist file name.

If you use .m3u8 as file extension, Mp3tag writes an UTF-8 encoded playlist (Unicode with support for special characters).

Show confirm filename dialog

If enabled, Mp3tag shows an input dialog for the playlists file name when creating the playlist. You can change the filename of the playlist within this dialog, however Mp3tag doesn’t evaluate placeholders entered in this dialog.

Don’t create directories

Since you can also use relative and absolute file paths as playlist file names this option prevents Mp3tag from creating any directories when creating playlists.