Show current directory in window title

If enabled, the current working directory is also shown in the window title bar.

Preserve timestamps of modified files

Mp3tag will keep the modification date of the files, when writing or removing tags.

Automatically select next file when editing in file view

When you’re editing a file directly in the File List using a delayed double click and have this option enabled, Mp3tag will jump to the next file after you’ve finished editing one file.

Auto-completion at selection boxes

This option enables/disables auto-completion at input fields.

Use natural sorting

This option enables natural sort order (1, 2, 11, …) within Mp3tag.

Select files automatically

This option enables the automatic selection of files that are added to Mp3tag’s File List.

Keep moved files in the file list

If enabled, moved files are preserved in the File List even if they do not longer appear below the current working directory.

Notification Area

Always show icon in notification area

If enabled, shows an icon in the Windows notification area.

Minimize to notification area

If enabled, minimizes to the Windows notification area and no active entry is displayed in the Windows task bar.