File List

The File List is the main list that lists the files loaded with Mp3tag. While it already provides a range of different columns to display file information, it can be extended and adapted to your needs via View → Customize columns....

Adding and Removing Columns

You can add and remove columns via the New and Remove buttons next the columns list.

Rearranging Columns

The Move up and Move down buttons are used to rearrange columns in the File List. You can also use drag and drop to arrange them directly by dragging the column header in the File List.

Hiding and Showing Columns

The Hide and Show buttons, as well as the checkboxes next to the column names in the columns list are used to temporarily hide (unchecked) and show (checked) the selected column. Showing and hiding columns is also possible via the right-click context menu on the File List column header.

Editing Columns

To configure a column, you need to provide a Name, which is the text that appears on the column header in the File List.

Value is required and denotes the content displayed in this column. It usually contains a placeholder, sometimes combined with scripting functions.

A simple example would be %ISRC%, the placeholder for the ISRC tag field. Another example would be $meta_sep(artist,\\), a format string that displays all existing ARTIST fields separated by Mp3tag multi-field separator \\

Field usually contains a placeholder that is used for editing the content of the field through the File List. Please note that if this field is empty, the column is write-protected. You can only use placeholders for tag fields (e.g. %ISRC%) as well as %_filename_ext% and %_filename% here.

If Sort by is empty, Mp3tag uses the contents of Value for sorting. Otherwise, the evaluated content of this field is used.

The Numeric checkbox affects the sorting of the column and determines if the column contents are aligned left or right.

Loading and Saving of Configurations

The current File List configuration can be stored via Utils → Save configuration....

A previously saved configuration can be restored via Utils → Load configuration....