Import Tags from File and Folder Names

Import Parts of the File Name to the Tag

Importing tags from filenames and directory names can be done by using Convert → Filename - Tag.

The format string describes the structure of the name to import from. It is built of either standard text (e.g., Music), placeholders (such as %artist%, %title%, …), or backslash characters \ that denote folder structures (optionally starting with a drive specifier e.g., D:\).

Here is an example that imports tags from a file name 04. My Friend the Forest.mp3 %track%. %title%

Please note how the format string completely resembles the structure of the file name.

Sometimes you might want to omit some information that should not imported to the tag. This can be done using the %dummy% placeholder for the unneeded part of the file path.

See First Steps → Importing Parts of the File Name to the Tag for an example use case of this converter.

Import Parts of the Folder Structure to the Tag

It’s also possible to import information from the directory structure of the file path where the backslash character \ is used to mark the different folders.

For example, the information from the path
Nils Frahm\[2018] All Meldoy\09 - Momentum.mp3
can be imported using
%artist%\[%year%] %album%\%track% - %title%